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Want Your Ex Back? Use This Proven Approach System to Subconscio

The real way to make someone take action, is to target their subconscious mind. You see, the subconscious mind is the part of your brain which actually causes you to do what you do, and without you realizing it!

That is why you should target your ex's subconscious mind, and you can use this PROVEN approach system to subconsciously make your ex chase you:

Step #1: Be appreciative towards your ex...but for all the WRONG reasons

Your ex will expect you to appreciate them for the things they have done in the past, but you WILL NOT. The instant you thank your ex for the break up, and for showing you how bad they really were for you, your ex will instantly have a new change of attitude.

This subconsciously tells your ex that they have done something which has results they DIDN'T want, and it will cause your ex to suddenly start wondering why you feel this way, and why you don't think they were right for you etc...

This in turn will make your ex start stalking you and questioning you endlessly to find out what you are doing now, because they will in fact NOT BE happy with the idea of you moving on, since it's not what they wanted.

In fact, your ex simply wanted you to change, and wanted you to pay THEM attention, such as in apologizing for your past mistakes, or thanking them for everything they did for you when you were together.

But, when you avoid letting this happen, your ex suddenly will feel challenged and will want to make you appreciate them and notice them again, which in turn makes your ex notice YOU more.

Step #2: Become busy and tell your ex that you don't have time for their mind games

This one is a little bit nastier than the other step, because you will subconsciously make your ex a little crazy for the time being.

You see, any time you tell someone that they are doing something, like mind games, playing games, or that they are immature and need to grow up; you subconsciously make them seek YOUR approval.

To do this, you can avoid your ex for a period of time, and tell them you are busy and have to go anytime that they try and contact you. It will sting them to be outwardly rejected like that, which causes your ex to seek your approval.

Your ex will want to talk to you even more now, and so many fears and doubts will arise in their mind about what you are doing now, who you are with and everything else related, which in turn makes your ex even more insecure about losing you forever.
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The Top Method to Get Your Ex Back

Relationships are hard work. Don't let anyone else ever tell you otherwise. There are so many things that could be a point of conflict between you and your significant other. It could be the little things that annoy you. Like the way he always leaves the toilet seat up, or how there is a pile of mail on the table that is weeks old. Or maybe its the pile of dirty socks that he never seems to see. These are the minor things that over time start to annoy and irritate you. Eventually they become big things and then you are no longer together and he's now your ex. But what if you want to get your ex back?

The first thing you have to do is figure out exactly why you broke up in the first place. You might think you want to get back and all the reasons you broke up aren't important, but they were important to you at some time you you need to at least understand what they were so that you can put them behind you. once you have identified the reasons why you broke up you need to really ask yourself if the same things happen again, will you be able to handle it.

There's no point in getting back together if you're just going to break up again. That being said, you will have to learn to compromise and let some things go, just like he will. Communication is key here. If you don't let each other know what all the reasons were that you broke up in the first place, then you will never get your ex back. There are some specific things you need to do after you've started talking again.
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No Contact Rule After a Break Up - Does it Really Work to Win Yo

Should you follow the no contact rule after a break-up with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. The simple answer is yes. No the biggest problem with this rule is not does it work or not. No the no contact rule works almost every time. The real problem with the no contact rule is that people don't like it. They think that the no contact rule will work for them but don't believe that this rule will work to get their ex back.

Why does the no contact rule work?

You don't have to agree with everything I say but after reading hundreds and hundreds of posts on different forums there are two major reasons why having no contact with your ex is very effective

1) It avoids you to say things that aren't true

When the breakup is fresh and you call or visit your ex you will guarantee say things that are ugly. You will blame or even curse the other person. Not hearing or seeing each other is an ideal way to prevent this. It's true be strong and don't act like a puppy dog. But saying things you will regret will only drive your ex further away

2) He or She will miss you

If you want your ex back you need to follow a plan and stick to it. The problem is that over ninety five percent of people are doing the exact opposite. They are doing what almost everybody else is doing. The truth is that most people don't get their ex lover back. Here is one rule if you want to change your life. And this rule can be applied in relationships, health or wealth. If you are doing the same thing over and over again you will have the same results

So calling your ex immediately or short after the break-up will only drive you further away from him or from her. When you don't call, email or text message your ex they will call you. It will work in your situation to because your ex is a human being and every human being has a peak of loneliness. For most humans the peak of loneliness will start in three weeks but sometimes it can take longer or it can go faster.

3) Time to improve yourself

The no contact rule after a break up is also an excellent time to work on yourself. The rule on itself is a good step in the right direction. But if you think you can win your ex back by being lazy and watching movies and drinking all day then you are wrong.

Work on yourself as much as you can. Go to the gym or learn a new language or learn to play a new instrument. This gives your ex a strong signal that life goes on even without him or her.

Men, click here to get a step by step blueprint to get your ex girlfriend back. Getting your ex back is very easy.But most so called get your ex back gurus will not teach you how to get your ex girlfriend back for good. Follow my advice and you will get her back and after the reunion she will treat you with respect.

Ladies know exactly what to do if you want to win your ex boyfriend back. You will beat your ex man in his own game and yes I will show you exactly how to act like a real woman. I will also show you how to make your boyfriend committed to you and only you, for the rest of his entire life.

But hurry because if you don't take action your ex will have sex with someone else.

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I Want My Ex Back - A Proven System of Techniques to Get Her Bac

Ouch, nothing hurts like a bad break up. I know the pain that you're in right now. All your so called "friends" tell you to "man up move on", that its just a woman there will be plenty more. But deep down in your heart your burning passion for her is still a roaring furnace that can't be put out. You know she is the only one that will fill that lonely spot in your heart and you feel... exhausted from trying. You've sent the texts, bought the flowers, left the voicemails, begged, pleaded, nearly cut off your sack to get her back but NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK! She's a damn brick wall and she's not budgin' anytime soon!

You don't understand how many people I've talked to that said these exact things. They were sure that the actions they had taken would ruin their chances with their ex girlfriend forever. Well I'm going to let you in on a secret. For decades now, a man named T.W. Jackson has helped over 50,000 men in over 77 countries get an ex back. He's seen the most torrentially destroyed relationships pick up their pieces and rebuild themselves into something better and stronger than it was before. Situations much worse than the one you're in right now.

But "who the hell is T.W. Jackson and how can I get this relationship Jesus to heal me?" you think aloud. See, up until very recently the only way that a couple could get help from Jackson was in person. A lifetime traveling the globe interacting with foreign cultures forced him to adapt and learn near-perfect "people skills". Men have been telling him "i want my ex back" for years now. Recently, the demand for his services became so overwhelming that he decided he was going to go international.

To do this he made his secret techniques available to the public, for a small cost. Jackson shows you the "opening move" to make THE DAY OF the break up that is almost GUARANTEED to save your relationship. This is the ONLY PROVEN SYSTEM of techniques for "getting an ex back" I have ever seen. Check out his website, he has extensive video and written testimonies of REAL people who he has helped. I don't suggest you wait too long, as the more time goes by the less time you will have to WIN HER BACK with these techniques! Get started now!
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How to Get Your Husband Back From His Mistress

Your husband is treating you not as good as before and you found out the worst truth about him, he cheated on you. You felt angry, sad and disappointed. "How can he do that to me when I still love him deeply?" You thought of divorcing him, but on the other hand you want this marriage to work out. How to get your husband back from that mistress?

Do not show out your desperation

If you want to get your husband back from that mistress, you should NOT do all the wrong things like crying, begging or even acting crazy to force him back to your side. You are going to give additional advantages to the mistress when you do all these, this will only make your husband turn to his mistress more often and this will give that woman a chance to show greater attention on him.

Bring back the excitement and attraction

Why did he find another woman? Think about it carefully. Probably the mistress is giving him few things that he doesn't get it from you or at home. She makes your husband feel that he is manly, attractive, loved and respected. Sometimes when a marriage reaches a stage, both parties will not bother to do anything for each other and in the end, it becomes boring. Do something to make yourself attractive again such as dolling up more stylish and sexy. You know him the best about what he needs, so plan something he misses very much and bring him back to the dating stage.

Understand the real reasons for cheating on you

Find out the facts that he cheated on you. A married man will not cheat his wife suddenly unless he is not serious about this marriage. If he is not serious about this marriage, he will not marry you in the first place. It may not always be the case that the other woman in his life is prettier or younger, sometimes it may be appreciation, romance, respect, communication that he wants.

You can get very lost about getting back your husband after you found out about his affair. Fret no more about it as you can Get Him Back from the mistress by fixing your marriage.
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